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Great Sound From              Small To Big Venues


Relying on Nexo  products from big or small line arrays to monitors for every event  made it easy to have exceptional quality and coverage pleasing every customer.

All the speakers are driven by the recommended Camco Amplifiers and digital/analog Nexo controllers or the latest Nexo NxAmps.


Moreover for events and congresses use Bose products such as column arrays

L1 pro 16.

s12 tras.png

Nexo ns-1

ns-1 is Nexo's powerful simulation tool provided to system engineers to configure  the best suitable Nexo system setup for optimum performance.

Using the software's capabilities we can insert the geometry of each venue and achieve uniform coverage for all the audience using the needed cabinets count in order to achieve that.

Moreover the program calculates the total weight and size of each cluster and the required rigging hardware for a safer and easier installation. 


Deeply integrated in the Nexo - Yamaha collaboration using latest Yamaha digital sound mixers.

We utilize the latest products from the industry's leading brands as of request from our clients.

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